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Tips for Parents

There are many different ways to add one number to another. In St. Cronans BNS, all classes are taught to add in the same way, using the same words and phrases. This helps the boys understand addition and it avoids confusion.

When you are helping your son with his addition homework, it is important to:-

  • Use the words and phrases as used in class
  • Work out the addition sum the same way as it is done in class

This will help your son understand what he has learnt in school.

Remember this might be different from what you learnt in school!

These are the words we use:-

This is how we say our Addition Tables

"2 and 2 is 4"
and 2 is 5"...

and 5 is 14"
and 5 is 15"...

and 3 is 10"
and 3 is 11"...

Check if your son knows his Addition Tables by asking:-

"6 and 4 is?"
"10 and 2 is?"....

Make sure to mix up the order you ask the tables in, to be sure your son really does know them.

This is how we read an Addition Sum

Read from
Left to Right

"3 plus 4 is 7" or
you can say
"3 plus 4 equals 7"

This is how we work on Addition Sums

To make this sum easier to work on, we rewrite it as

When writing down a sum, remember to put
U over the Units (1s)
T over the Tens (10s) and for big sums
H over the Hundreds (100s)

Addition Sum 1 - This is a simple addition sum.

Click on the sum to see how it is done.

This is how you work out this sum

Step 1. Start at the top unit, 3 plus 4 equals 7
Step 2. Go to the ten side, 2 plus 1 equals 3

My answer is 37

Try it for yourself!

Addition Sum 2 - To do this addition sum you must rename.

Click on the sum to see how it is done.

This is how you work out this sum

Step 1. Start at the top unit, 3 plus 9 equals 12
Step 2. I have to rename 12 to 1 ten and 2 units. I write down 2 under the units and carry the "ten" to the ten side.
Step 3. Start at the top ten, 4 plus 2 is 6, 6 plus 1 equals 7.

My answer is 72

Try it for yourself!

Go to our Maths - Addition Page for online activites to help your child with subtraction.

Addition Tables - Try Maths Magican and Maths Mayhem

Additon Practise - Try NLVM - enter your own sums.

Play the addition games to improve adding skills.

Talk to your son's teacher about any difficulties your son is having with his school work.


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