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Addition - page 1


Tips for Parents

Check out our Tips for Parents page with information on:-

Addition as taught in St. Cronan's school

Video on how to rename when adding

Check out Addition - Page 2 for Addition Maths Games

World Cup Math

Follow the steps on the screen.

Remember - don't enter your full name - just initials.

10 Frame

Use the number pad at the end of the screen to answer the question asked.

Instructions to find out more about each of the games you can play.

Shut the Box

How to play
1. Click roll the dice.
2. Add the numbers on the dice together
3. Click the numbers at the top of the screen that add up to the total on the dice - those numbers flipped (they are taken out of the list, they don't have to be the same numbers as on the dice but must add up to the same total).
4. Roll the dice until you have flipped all numbers 1 to 9 - you have won the game. Or until you cannot flip over anymore numbers.

Click New Game to play again..

Math Magician

Select which
Addition Facts you want to test yourself on.

Type your Name and press

If you are very sure of all the addition facts, try
Mixed Level 1 and Mixed Level 2.

Hit the Button

1. Select
Number Bonds.
2. Select one of the following:-

Make 10 - digits
Make 20 - digits
Make 100 - Every option


Bonds within 100
Bonds within 20
Bonds within 10
Select the + bonds option each time

Math Mayhem

1. Select Add.
2. Enter your username.
3. Click

Don't enter your actual name - use your initials or a nickname.

Wait for the competition to begin.

Press Return to enter your answer.

E-Learning Addition & Subtraction Lessons

Click on the E-Learning logo to see the lesson.

Adding Practise

Practise your Adding Skills

Choose an exercise and follow the instructions on the screen.

Instructions for more information

These settings should not be changed.
Dec.Place = 0
Base = 10

NLVM Addition Practise

Without Regrouping

1. Click
Create Problem
2. Use the blocks to enter your subtraction sum.
3. Click
Begin Problem to start working on your sum.
4. Click and drag the blocks to work out the answer.

With Regrouping
Complete the exercises shown or use
Create Problems to enter your own sums.

Speed Grid Addition Challenge

Click Start to play the game.

Easier - questions or minutes

Harder - questions or minutes

For a greater challenge try
Level 2 and Level 3


Each grid must add up to the Power Line Total shown on the screen.

Only numbers connected by the grid line must add up.

Complete each level to get the password to the next level. The links for these are:-

Powerline 2

Powerline 3


Solve the Problem

Add the numbers by dragging the pieces together.
Click and drag a group of 10 pieces together - you can then move it into the 10's column.

Click Create problem to enter your own sum.


Enter your sum (press Enter after each number). Follow the instructions on regrouping.

Adding Decimals

Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Add/subtract the numbers by dragging the pieces together.
Click and drag a group of 10 pieces together - you can then move it into the 10's column.
Click and drag a 10 piece into the 1's column to break into units.

Click Create problem to enter your own sum.

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