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Angles and Lines



Angles & Proctractors

Start with the Intro.

Then do the following:-
Up to 90 degrees
in 10s
Up to 180 degrees in 10s
Up to 90 degrees in 5s
Up to 180 degrees in 5s

Don't forget to position the protractor correctly for each new angle.

Test your Angles

Select the Lenght/Level/Timer for your test.

Select Measure.

Move your mouse to see the protractor. Line it up with the base line and measure the angle x.


Free geometry lesson on angles.

Angles Kung Fu

Defeat your opponent on the circle of death. Use the correct angle to slay him!

Fruit Picker

Select your level

Easy - Turns of 30 and 45 degrees
Harder - Turns of 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees.

Turn the fruit picker to pick the fruit.

Banana Hunt

Drag the monkey to the correct angle to find the bananas. Click on

If you are on the right location you get 10 bananas.

Mission 2110 - Angles

Complete the mission by showing how much you know about angles.

Read to find out more about angles.

Quiz to test your knowledge of angles.

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