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Brain Teasers



Each grid must add up to the Power Line Total shown on the screen.

Only numbers connected by the grid line must add up.

Complete each level to get the password to the next level. The links for these are:-

Powerline 2

Powerline 3

Missionaries & Cannibals

Help the Missionaries & Cannibals cross the river. Don't let the Cannibals eat the missionaries.

Tip: Never let the Cannibals out number the Missionaries they are with.

Cross the Bridge

Help the family cross the bridge. You must bring the torch with you - it will only last 30 minutes.

Tip: More than 1 person can cross at a time. Time taken = Slowest person's time

Factory Balls

Use the tools and paint to colour the balls - see side of box.

Tip: Sometimes you have to dip a ball twice in paint.


Fuel the balloon by answering the questions correctly.

Tip: Click on characters to find out the questions, but first you most solve the puzzle in the stage!


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