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Photographic Dictionary

Click on a letter to see the words and pictures in the dictionary.

BBC KS1 Bitsize

Play the games to improve your reading and writing.

BBC KS2 Bitsize

Play the games to improve your reading and writing.

CVC Words

The Whirlyword Machine

Spin the wheel to make words - which words are real words? You decide.

Level 1 - spin the 1st letter
Level 2 - spin the 1st and 3rd letter
Level 3 - spin any of the letters

You can print your list at the end of the game.

Word Wheels 2

This is a great activity but this link doesn't get you directly to it. You must scroll down the screen until you get to Word Wheels 2 - then click on it.

Click on Word Wheels 2 on the list of activities shown.

Look at the picture - what is it?

Stop the wheels to make the word.

check to find out if you are right.


Oxford Owls

Parents - Click on Join Us to register. Follow the steps - you need to enter your email address and a password.

Once registered, there are 250 eBooks to read online. Just login and find your eBook.


Learn to read with Starfall.

Roy the Singing Zebra

Explore Roy's Word Level Games.

Click here for
Roy's Sentence Level Games


Practical skills for older students and adults.

Choose a topic area:-



Speaking and Listening

Sentence Clubhouse

Build your clubhouse - you get a piece every time you get a sentence right.

Select a type of sentence clubhouse.

Look at the sentence shown.

Add capital letters and punctuation as needed.

Sentence Construction

Drag the words to make a sentence.


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