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Word Processor

A Word Processor Is a computer programme or software that allows you to type up documents – letters, forms, lists and even books.

Our School Secretary uses WORD in the office everyday to type and print letters, lists and notes to parents.

Check with your parents to see if they use it at work. Maybe your older brothers or sisters use it for their homework.

Here are some terms you might come across when you are learning about word processing or how to use the WORD software:-


Letters or words you type - This is a piece of text.
Numbers are text as well - 123 is also a piece of text.
You also can enter special characters like
*&)(%$# !

You can type these by holding down Shift Key + press a number key at the top of the keyboard.


Describes how text looks - it's style.
Printers used different shaped letters (each typeset a different font) when setting up their printing presses to print.

You can have very plain text:-

This font is called Tahoma
This font is called Courier

Can you see a difference?

Or you can have very fancy shaped text -
This font is called Viking
This font is called Dauphin

Can you see a difference?

Font Size

You can change the size of the text by changing the Font Size you are using.

Font size 10 or 12 is usually used for documents.
This is Font Size 10.
This is Font size 12.

Can you see the difference?

Font size 72 is used for notices. Not many words will fit on a page.
This is Font size 72
Can you see the difference?

You can also change how your document looks by using formatting to change how individual words look:-

This is a piece of text with out formatting.


This is a piece of text with formatting - Bold


This is a piece of text with formatting - Italics


This is a piece of text with formatting - Underline

Use formatting to make the title of your document stand out or to emphasis a word or phrase in your story.

Don't over use formatting or everything will look the same.


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