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Ireland's History

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Dublin - Medieval Town

Take a look at a model of medieval Dublin.

The Famine

Explore a typical Irish village at the time of the famine.

The Irish Famine

Read how this natural catastrophe came about, as a million people died of hunger.

1901 & 1911 Census of Ireland

Select Census Year.

Select County (if you want).

Enter Surname and/or age (+ or - 5 years).


View the census images for the household you are searching. You can see the original form they filled in, details of the house they live and further information if available.

Help Seaching for more information on how to search the Census.

Ireland in the Early 20th Century

Find out what Ireland was like 100 years ago.

Irish Emigration Database

Find out the details of emigrants who left Ireland for America in the 1800s.


Read about the founding of the GAA in 1884.

1916 Rising

Kilmainham Gaol

Read about Kilmainham Gaol's history, and how it featured in the 1916 Rising.


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