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BBC KS1 Bitsize

Play the games to improve your maths.

BBC KS2 Bitsize

Play the games to improve your maths.

E-Learning Addition & Subtraction Lessons

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Learn to read the Clock

The Hours

The Minutes

Learn more on the
Time Page


Practise your numbers up to 20.

Learn how to write a number as a word

1 = One
2 = Two
3 = Three........


You are a Pirate.

You can fire your cannon if you count the correct number of barrels in the sea. Fire your cannon 4 times to win.

If you get the number wrong, your ship will be fired on. 4 hits and your ship will sink!

Here is what you need to do:
1. Count the barrels in the sea.
2. Type in the number.
3. Press the
Red Button to fire your cannon.
4. Press the
Red Arrow to move on.


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