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Jack the Builder

Do the following sections:-
Reading Mass (weights)
Reading Length

Note: You must type in the full name of the unit of measure you are using
Mass - Kilograms
Lenght - Centimetres


BBC Skillswise - Build a Shed Game

Click on Build a Shed Game.

Read the instructions before you play.


Area Explorer

1. Calculate the area of the shape.
2. Enter answer in square units field.
3. Click Check Answer to see if you are correct.
4. Click Draw New Shape when ready.

Tick Only Draw Rectangular Shapes if youwant simple shapes.

Everything you wanted to Know about Area

Click on Area to get started.


Weigh It Up

Try the Practice Area to learn how to use the scales.

Try the Questions Area to test what you know about weighting.

Weighing Scales

1. Select the range for your scales.
2. Enter the reading on the scales.
3. Check your reading.
4. Click Next Weight when you are ready.


You have to post a number of parcels. You must measure the lenght of each item and weigh it, before selecting the postage.

Read the instructions on each screen. Click
Help for further information.



Watch the video and play the games to learn more about capacity.

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