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Mouse Skills

PC Skills

Using the mouse correctly is very important when you are using your computer.

Read the instructions on the left of each picture below.

When you are ready click on the picture to play a game.

to make the game fill the screen.

If you need help, ask your teacher/tutor.

When you are finished the game, click to close the Window you are working on and come back here to pick another game.

Game 1: How to use a mouse

Learn how to click on your mouse.

You need your earphones on.

Stop after the butterflies. Tell your tutor you are ready for the next game!

Game 2: Paint your own picture

Move your mouse to throw paint on the screen!

Click the mouse to change the colour of the paint.

Now you are painting like Jackson Pollock, a very famous artist. Each of his paintings is worth millons of Euros.

How much do you think you will get for yours?

Game 3: Tidy up the Classroom

Move the mouse over an item to see what you have to do.

Hint: You need to turn on the light first.

Game 4: Practise using your Mouse

Select each mouse skill and practise it.

Game 5: Hatch Match

Click on the eggs to match the dragons.

Don't forget your earphones, dragons roar!

Game 6: Build a Dino

Drag and drop the dino parts to build your dinosaur.

Add a background and accessories - click on the arrows to see what is there.

Game 7: Dino Paint

Click on the arrow keys to see what you can put in your dinosaur picture.
Select a colour and click on an area of your picture to fill it with colour.

Try the other dino paint pictures.

Game 8: Pimp My Ride

Click on the tabs - Paint, Wheels, Parts1, Parts2 to see what you can add to your car.

Drag and drop the items you want.

Cllick the Scene tab to see where your car is parked.


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