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Numbers & Counting


Counting/Place Value


Play these games and practise your counting skills.

Nile Numbers

Click on Next Ball to see the next number.

Whack a Mole

Use the controls at the top right of the screen to select the number you want to start with and the steps you want to count in.

Look at the number shown at the top of the screen, whack the mole with the next number on it.

Where is Squigly?

Which apple is squiggly hiding in?

100 Number Square

Check out the numbers from 1 to 100.

How good are you?

Check out this
Number Square

Find the Bone

Can you find the bone hidden in the number square?

Lifeboat Rescue

Save the swimmer.
Send the lifeboat to the correct number + throw them a lifebuoy.

Remember use 10 not 10 ones!

Shark Numbers

Choose which to use blocks or cups.

Count the tens, count the units.

Click on the correct number to see the dolphin jump over the boat.

Click on the wrong number and the shark eats the boat!

Dino Numbers

Click on the Dino eggs to make the red number.

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