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Physical Processes


Floating and Sinking

Digger and the Gang

Floating & Sinking

1. Read the instructions.
2. Do the experiement.
3. Look at the results.
4. What did you learn?



What is the difference between Push and Pull?

What does a soft push do to the horse? What about a hard push?

Magnets & Springs

Magnet & Springs

What can the magnet pick up?
Change the size of the item or the magnet - what happens?


Electric Circuits

Learn about electric circuits


Do the following activities:-

What is electricity?
Electricity Safety in your house.


Light & Dark

Read the instructions at the top of the screen.

Close the blind to see which item gives off the most light.

Heat & Temperature

Heat - Temperature

Find out more about heat.

What makes the temperature rise?

What makes it cold?

Water Cycle


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