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Place Values & Decimals


Place Values

Place Values Lesson

Value Worksheet

Fill in the missing digits.

Correct My Answers when you are ready.

Place Values in Your Number

Type in your number.
Click on
Take my Number.

Click on any digit in your number to see it's place value.

Place Values Puzzler

Select a level - Easy, Medium

For numbers with decimal places select - Hard or Super Brain.

Look at the number given, answer the place value question asked.

University Place Values to 1,000

Enter your name.

Watch the example and when you are ready press Start.


Death to Decimals

Help Fraction Man to save the world from decimals.

Find the decimal value of the fraction shown at the end of the screen.

Use the arrow keys to move Fraction Man.

Use the Space Bar to shoot the correct decimal.

Scooter Quest

Make sure Scooter delivers the paper to the correct house.

Read the instructions carefully before you click on a house.

Decimal Numbers

Read the instructions at the top of the screen before starting.

Arrange the decimals numbers in the correct order.

Decimal Dectectives

Help find the crook - enter the decimal address you think he is hiding at.

Hit the Button

1. Select
Number Bonds.

2. Select make 1
1dp = 1 decimal place
2dp = 1 decimal place

3. Select
make 10
1dp = 1 decimal place

The Legend of Dick And Dom - Percentages

Watch the video and complete the tasks.

The Decifractator

Read the instructions at the bottom of the screen.

Enter your own fraction.

Click Calculate to see it as a decimal.

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages

Select from:-

Fractions to Percentages

Fractions to Decimals

Percentages to Decimals


Read the instructions carefully.

Sort out the teams - each team member is of the same value.

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