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Prehistoric Times


The Stone Age

The Irish National Heritage Park

How did the Stone Age Irish person live?

Brú na Bóinne

Visit the ancient sites of the Boyne Valley, including New Grange.

Neanderthal Kid's Page

Find out what it was like to be a kid in the Stone Age.

The Story of Fire

Find out about one of Stone Age man's greatest inventions!

Stone Age Tools

Stone Age man made tools from stone or flint - find out what they used these tools for.

Stone Age Quiz

Try the quiz to see what you have learnt about The Stone Age.

Stone Age Quiz 1

Stone Age Quiz 2

The Bronze Age

The Bronze Age

Learn about The Bronze Age and the new technologies discovered. How life changed.

The Bronze Age

Learn about burials in The Bronze Age.

The Iron Age

The Celts

The Celts are people of The Iron Age - find out more about our ancient ancestors.

The Tollund Man - Denmark's Iron Age Man

In 1950 the body of man was found in a bog near the village of Tollund. Archaelogists believe he lived in the early part of the Iron Age - 500 BC. Find out more about his life and times.

Use the tabs at the top of the page to find out more about the discovery in the bog.

The Life in The Iron Age

Learn about life in the Iron Age.

Celtic Times

The Celts build houses and forts. Find out about some of their buildings in Ireland.

The Celts

Learn about The Celts - their homes, their priests (Druids) and their Gods amongst other interesting facts.


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