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Oxford Owls

Parents - Click on Join Us to register. Follow the steps - you need to enter your email address and a password.

Once registered, there are 250 eBooks to read online. Just login and find your eBook.


Learn to read with Starfall.

Roy the Singing Zebra

Explore Roy's Word Level Games.

Click here for
Roy's Sentence Level Games

Click here for Roy's Guided Reading Stories


Click on a book to select it.

Read to me to hear the book read out loud to you or Read it Myself.

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Murphy Reading

Used by Resource Teachers in St. Cronans.


Check that you understand what you are reading. Use these links to see if you do.

Granma's Presents

Read the instructions given and help Digger & friends get presents for Granma.

Comprehension Tasks

Read the stories and try the different comprehension tasks:-

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Recreate the Story
  • Summarise the story: Gap fill exercise


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