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Schools Then and Now - Hedge Schools

Some schools didn't have a building. Classes were held under hedges. It didn't cost a lot to go to one of these schools.

Most children in Ireland in the 1700s and 1800s went to a Hedge School.

What did the children learn? What was their teacher like? What happened if it was raining?

Would you like to have gone to a Hedge School?

Use the arrows to learn more about Hedge Schools.

Schools then and Now - St. Cronan's BNS

Read about the history of our school.


Irish Homes - Then and Now

Look at the different types of homes Irish people have lived in.


Look at the different homes people live in around the world.


Old Buildings

Bray is an old town. We are surrounded by many old buildings. These we pass every day on the way to and from school - often without noticing their wealth of detail or appreciating the work that went in to building them.

Here are some pictures of buildings near our school. Look out for them.

Crested ridge tiles on top of roof

Ridge tiles on top of roof


Look at these photos taken in Bray many years ago. Do you know where the pictures were taken?


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