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Days, Months, Calendar

Days of the Week

Put the days of the week in the correct order.

Months of the Year

Put the months of the year in the correct order.

Close the list if you are sure you know them.


Check out today's date.

What day of the week is it?

Create your own calendar for this month.

Telling the Time

Use these activities to learn to tell the time.


Hour March Clock Game

What hour is it?

What Time is it?

What hour is it?

Enter the time you see shown on the clock.

Correct My Answers when you are ready.


Select the level and press

Level 1
= o'clock times

Level 2 = half past, quarter to,quarter past

Level 3 = five minute intervals past the hour


Minute March Clock Game

How many minutes is it?

Bang on Time!

Stop the clock when it is at the correct time.

Clock Work

Which clock has the correct time?

Digital Clock

Digital Clock

Tick Tock Clock Game

Click on the Digital Clock that shows the same time as the Analog Clock.

How much time has past?

Mission 2110 - Time

Complete the mission by showing how much you know about time.

Read to find out more about time.

Quiz to test your knowledge of time.

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