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What is a Spreadsheet?

PC Skills > Excel

Spreadsheets are used to work with numbers - to calculate business accounts, work out tax payments, record money saved.

Spreadsheet is a collection of one or more worksheets. Just as a WORD document can be made up of a number of pages.

Excel files all end with .xls at the end of their name, for example schoolshop.xls


Worksheet is a single page in a spreadsheet file.
In Excel, a new spreadsheet opens with 3 blank worksheets.

To make it easy to locate information entered, each worksheet is divided up into a grid
just like the grid you use when playing the game Battleships).

The grid is made up of:-
columns (across the screen) and
rows (down the screen),

Each box known as a

The current cell is highlighted - you can see
E6 is the current cell shown below.


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