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Word Processing Introduction

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Word Processor

A Word Processor is a computer programme or piece of software that allows you to type up documents – letters, forms, lists and even books.

Our School Secretary uses WORD in the office everyday to type and print letters, booklists and notes to parents.

Check with your parents to see if they use it at work. Maybe your older brothers or sisters use it for their homework.

Here are some terms you might come across when you are learning about word processing or how to use the WORD software:-


Letters or words you type

This is a line of text.

Numbers are also text.

12345690 is text.

Special characters are also text.

*&)(%$# ! is text.

You can type these by holding down the Shift Key + pressing a number key at the top of the keyboard.


Today, when we talk about printing by this we mean to send our work to a printer (a machine) near our computer, but that isn't what it always meant.

Printers (Craftsmen) used different shaped letters (each set of letters a different font) when setting up their printing presses to print. They printed newpapers, books, leaflets and advertisments.

Look at these pictures

Picture 1 - Printer setting up the page he wants to print

Picture 2 - Sample of different letter type - do you notice anything odd about the letters?


Letter type - different fonts

Now read about Fonts and Font Sizes


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