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Using Capital Letters

Capital Letters

Sentences & Punctuation

Penguins on Ice

Click on the game you want to play.

Increase Your Vocabulary

Nouns and Proper Nouns

Watch this video to find out more about nouns and pronouns.

Noun Dunk

Decide if the word(s) is a common noun, a proper noun or not a noun.

Get it right to score.


Check out nouns - there is a quiz for every level. See which one is right for you. Try a harder one too.

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Click on the owl for more quizzes on English grammar.

Are describing words

Use these activities to learn more about using adjectives.

Robo Bee

Click on the bee and guide him to the word that best completes the sentence.

Are words that have the same meaning

Learn more about synonymns with these activities

Extraordinary Elephants

Select Continue at the end of the game to play again.

Are words that have the opposite meaning

Learn more about antonymns with these activities.

Antonymns & Synonymns

Learn more about antonymns & synonymns with these activities.


Verbs are doing words that describe an action.

Verb Link

This is a great activity but this link doesn't get you directly to it. You must scroll down the screen until you get to Verb Link - then click on it.

Click and drag the words to sort them by their root verb.


Click on a basketball to select difficulty of question.

Click on the right answer to shoot for the hoop.

Click here to check on
Verbs in the Past Tense

Blast the Rocket

Find the correct words to fill the rocket with fuel and blast off.

Present & Past Tense

I go to school each week. I ...... to school last week? What is the missing word?

Play these games to test how much you know about Present/Past tense of these verbs.

Start to begin.

Forms of Writing

More Present and Past Tense

Check these out ;-

  • Poetry Class
  • Poetry Fun
  • Poetry Theater
  • Word Games

Read some Limerick poems.

Everyday English


Use of English in everyday life.


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